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For a long time now, since 1988, we have been dedicated to the artisan manufacture of products related to Acrylic Solutions and Emulsions for paints, varnishes, waxes, textiles, adhesives and defoamers for the treatment of effluents, among others, and the commercialization of the same. Our strong track record offers a portfolio of products with proven performance. We have set out to establish strict environmental requirements in all of our activities. Emissions from our production have been reduced to approximately half of the allowable values ​​and we continue to work to help the environment. Do you need to DEVELOP A NEW PRODUCT? We help you innovate to strengthen your company. We have a customer-focused chemical technical service. We are geared towards custom products that meet the requirements of your specific application. This is where we excel. We work with you to create the formulas and manufacture the products, serving your development needs, no matter how complex it may be. We partner closely with customers to create custom formulas and build the products that make them stronger.

What do we do?

some of our Products

We look for Quality in every drop we manufacture. During these long years, we have invested in equipment for the manufacture of customized resins.

Our products

Acrylic Emulsions

Our acrylic emulsions have excellent adhesive and waterproofing properties, which can be used both in the textile industry, in civil engineering, as well as in the manufacture of coating materials, water-based paint for interiors and exteriors.


The DEFOAMER series of products are liquid defoamers with both defoaming and anti-foaming effectiveness that offer high efficiency in removing foam.

Under Chassis Protector

This unique underbody treatment will provide long-term protection for the most battered parts of your vehicle, as well as sound suppression to reduce noise. By protecting your lower body with a protective coating, you will reduce the stresses that create openings for rust to start. Protect the metal surfaces of your vehicles from corrosion by applying an underbody coating to the entire undercarriage.

Acrylic Solutions

Our products are designed to deliver high performance in clear and pigmented coatings on a variety of substrates including wood, concrete, plastic and metal. The various products we offer allow the coating manufacturer to design coatings for primer, direct-to-metal and finishing applications, giving you the freedom to optimize product performance attributes such as wet and dry adhesion, early water resistance. , corrosion and chemical resistance, toughness, good intercoat adhesion and excellent exterior durability.


Emulsion polymers are tremendously versatile. They have a vast chemical composition and provide low cost, low emissions, zero VOC (volatile organic compounds), good shelf life, freeze-thaw stability, and potential sustainability in many adhesive formulations. Because of these benefits, emulsion polymers are increasingly being used in adhesives and sealants to meet the growing needs in various industries and applications.