Acrylic Emulsions

EA-593: 55% STYRENE-ACRYLIC dispersion. Indicated for walkable ceilings and adhesive formulation.

EA-590: 50% STYRENE-ACRYLIC dispersion with great resistance to weathering. Indicated for latex paints for exteriors. Very low water absorption.

EA-595: Similar to EA 590 but with greater plasticity. Indicated for ceilings, latex, coatings, textured coatings, waterproofing, etc.

EA-790: 48% STYRENE-ACRYLIC dispersion, of the highest quality. Low water absorption. High brightness. Indicated to formulate high performance latex.

EA-780: 36% COLLOIDAL dispersion self-crosslinking at room temperature. Uses in floor waxes and varnishes. Superior hardness and shine. Artistic use like Glasur.

Acrylic Solutions

S-9104: 60% acrylic copolymer solution in xylene. Paint for swimming pools, road markings.

S-9771 / S-9775: 50% carboxylic acrylic solutions in ethyl glycol-heavy aromatic acetate. Combinable with epoxy for couché and special varnishes for tinsmithing.

S-9771BG: Same as S-9771, free of aromatics. 50% concentration in butiglycol.

S-9802: Hydroxylated acrylic solution of very high combination value with isocyanates. Useful in higher resistance metal paints. Concentration 60% in xylene.

S-9967: Hydroxylated acrylic solution that can be combined with melamine and epoxy for baking paints for household appliances. 54% concentration in xylene.

S-9999A: 60% hydroxylated acrylic solution in heavy aromatic. Combinable with melamine for paint and tin varnishes. Especially suitable for aerosol overprint varnishes.

HR 70/30: High solids hydroxylated acrylic solution, harder than S-9999A, 65% in ethylglycol acetate .


A-5000: 50% general purpose adhesive for carpets, wood, plastics. Replacement of solvent contact adhesive applications.

S-9125: Repositionable aerosol adhesive. New development for textile use with strong adhesion and replacement.

VA-2585: Dispersion at 55% of film with good balance between tack, cohesion and adhesion. Good anchorage on treated polyethylene. Indicated for plastic tapes and self-adhesive papers.

VA-2586: Equal to VA-2585 , with higher viscosity, to be applied manually, recommended for silicone.

Under Chassis

EA-630: This unique underbody treatment will provide long-term protection for the most battered parts of your vehicle, as well as sound suppression to reduce noise.

Acrylic Thickener

THIX-6200: Polyacrylic dispersion intended to be used as a viscosity increasing agent in aqueous systems. Great versatility and excellent performance. Solid content 28%.


Acrylic Dispersant

A-6218: Neutral Polyacrylate aqueous solution. Low foam dispersant for latex. Sequestrant in water treatment.


The DEFOMER series of products are liquid defoamers with both defoamer and defoamer efficacy that offer high foam removal efficiency. The foams generate problems in the hydraulic systems since they cause errors in the operation of level probes, transfer pumps, sampling equipment and others, in addition to producing alterations in the biological purification systems, therefore, their use is of great importance. defoamers.